Vogue Painting, Inc. is dedicated to serving lifelong clients through excellence in construction. We develop loyal customers through relentless customer service and quality craftsmanship. This family-owned business has over 50 years and four generations in the finishing industry. We empower our skilled and safety-minded employees to represent themselves as our champions.

Doug Hand

About Us

Owner, President

Doug has been in the finishing industry for the past 20 years. He began working for his father's business which has existed for 53 years and three generations, learning the mechanics to driving a successful business. The experience and knowledge learned, and the dedication to ensuring long-standing customer relationships, Doug strives Vogue Painting, Inc. to high-quality projects completed on-time and on budget. 

Kurt Hand

Owner, Vice-President

Kurt has been in the finishing industry for over the last several decades. Alongside his brother Doug, he also learned how to run a successful, safety-driven and customer-orientated business from his father. Kurt is a active member of FCAI (Finishing Contractors Association of Illinois) and NiPDi (Northern Illinois Painting and Drywall Institute) he jointly manages several union funds that directly impact union business owners and employees. 

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